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Columbia ParCar Golf Carts began operationing in 1946, giving the company a long history of manufacturing gas and electric vehicles. They have a huge range of golf carts, industrial cars, and commercial vehicles, and you'll likely spot different models at airports, college campuses, large farms, and other environments where there is a need for heavy duty loading capacities. In 2000, Columbia ParCar introduced a line of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) as the demand for alternative energy vehicles began to increase.

Here is a brief summary of the different ParCar Golf Carts available, as well as other vehicles they manufacture:

Passenger Carts

  • Summit:
    These are electric carts that have models for 2 or 4 passengers. They are NEVs that are perfect for neighborhood driving, golf courses, college campuses, and other areas where electric vehicles are welcomed. As an electric cart, this model emits zero emissions which is certainly better for the environment.
  • Eagle:
    These carts come as either gas or electric and have models that accommodate 2 or 4 passengers. This model is designed for golf courses, communities, and there is even an NEV model for NEV-friendly neighborhoods. These little vehicles have speeds from 19-25 mph - which is a little faster than your typical golf course cart.

Industrial & Commercial

  • Burden Carriers:
    These Columbia ParCar vehicles have a substantial load and towing capacity. Because they are designed for commercial and industrial use, the maximum speed is 17 mph, and the higher the towing and load capacity then the lower the max speed. There are three different models to choose from -- each with varying capacities to meet your needs.
  • Personnel Carriers:
    Columbia ParCar personnel carriers are able to carry between 1 and 10 people, depending on the model. These include the Chariot, which carries one person, and the Tram, which holds up to 10 people.
  • Utility:
    The utility carts in this line feature both gasoline and electric. The models have varying bed sizes, towing capacities, and load capacities. These are good for outdoor use and indoor commercial use.
  • Tow:
    Columbia ParCar only has one towing vehicle called the Rovr, although most of their other industrial and commercial vehicles do have great towing capabilities. The Rovr is designed for only one driver who stands while operating the vehicle. This makes for a more alert driver and allows for better visibility when maneuvering. You may have seen the Rovr in places like a shopping center where an operator is towing a line of shopping carts, which is one popular use for the Rovr.


The Mega is a line of electric vehicles that are street legal. There are five different models under this line of electric carts. Each model is made for a different purpose, such as carrying refuse, drop side delivery, and there is even a van option to enclose items while in transit. All of the Mega models are for 2 passengers with adjustable bucket seats.

With so many lines and models, its no wonder Columbia ParCar is considered one the of the top golf cart manufacturers in the industry. If you would like more information on specific models of Columbia ParCar golf carts, you can always visit their website: Columbia ParCar.

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