Are Golf Carts Electric? The Rundown on Electric Golf Carts

Golf carts are convenient, easy, to drive, and good for the environment. But, are golf carts electric?

Yes, many golf carts are electric, powered by rechargeable batteries. However, some are still gas-powered. The choice between electric and gas often depends on personal preferences and the specific use case.

are golf carts electric

The Evolution of Golf Carts: From Gas to Electric

Golf carts haven’t always been the quiet, electric-powered vehicles we often see today. In fact, they started out as gas-powered machines back in the early 1950s. They were mainly designed for those unable to walk the course, and they roared just like your typical car. However, they did have a drawback – they were noisy and not so eco-friendly.

Then came the electric revolution in the ’60s and ’70s. People started to look at more sustainable, less noisy options for getting around the golf course. Enter electric golf carts. These battery-operated vehicles brought a new quietness to the game, allowing golfers to enjoy their surroundings more.

With continuous advancements in technology, electric golf carts became even more popular. Improved battery life, faster charging times, and more power meant they could hold their own against their gas-guzzling counterparts. What’s more, they became a symbol of environmental responsibility, a point not lost on many golfers and golf courses.

Today, it’s not uncommon to see fleets of electric golf carts silently gliding over the greens. They represent a significant evolution in golf transportation and bear testament to the sport’s adaptability and commitment to sustainability. While gas golf carts aren’t extinct, it’s clear that electric is the way of the future.

Unpacking Electric Golf Carts: Components and Functionality

At first glance, an electric golf cart might not seem much different from its gas-powered cousin. But under the hood, it’s a whole different story.

The Battery

The most significant component is the battery. Most electric golf carts run on lead-acid golf cart batteries, similar to the ones in conventional cars, although newer models might use lithium-ion batteries. These batteries power the electric motor, which then drives the wheels.


Operating an electric golf cart is pretty straightforward. You’ll find a switch typically on the dashboard to toggle between forward and reverse. There’s also a speed controller to manage how much power goes from the battery to the motor, hence controlling the speed of the cart. To stop, you just take your foot off the accelerator, and the electric braking system kicks in.

Regenerative Braking

One of the neat things about electric golf carts is the regenerative braking system. When you release the accelerator, not only does the cart slow down, but it also converts some of that energy back into electricity to charge the battery. It’s like getting a little bit of extra juice every time you slow down!


Maintenance for electric golf carts mainly revolves around golf cart battery maintenance. Regularly checking the water levels in lead-acid batteries, ensuring clean terminals, and keeping them fully charged, especially when in storage, can help prolong their life. And with no engine oil or gas to worry about, they’re generally cleaner and easier to maintain. That’s the beauty of electric!

The Environmental Impact of Electric Golf Carts

Going electric isn’t just good for the peacefulness of your golf game; it’s a big win for the environment too. Traditional gas-powered golf carts release carbon emissions, contributing to air pollution and climate change. In contrast, electric golf carts produce zero tailpipe emissions, making them a far greener option.

Additionally, electric golf carts are more energy efficient than their gas-powered counterparts. In simple terms, they do more with less. This means they require less energy overall to travel the same distance as a gas-powered cart, which reduces their carbon footprint even more.

A point to note is that the environmental impact of an electric golf cart also depends on how its electricity is generated. If it’s charged using renewable energy, like solar or wind, it’s virtually carbon-neutral! But even if it’s charged from a standard power grid, it’s still generally more efficient and produces fewer emissions than a gas-powered cart.

So, whether you’re focused on your golf game or the health of our planet, it’s clear that electric golf carts are a smart choice. They’re not just making our courses quieter; they’re making our world cleaner, too. And that’s something we can all tee off to!

The Future of Golf Carts: Is it All Electric?

While it’s hard to predict the future with absolute certainty, one thing seems clear: electric golf carts are gaining traction, and they’re likely to become even more prevalent. This is not only because of their environmental advantages, but also due to continuous improvements in electric vehicle technology. Advancements in battery technology, in particular, could mean longer-lasting and quicker-charging batteries, making electric golf carts even more convenient to use.

Moreover, we’re also seeing the emergence of smart and autonomous features in golf carts. Imagine a golf cart that drives itself to your ball or back to the clubhouse, or one that can be summoned with a simple tap on your smartwatch. These high-tech features are more likely to be incorporated into electric golf carts because of their easily adaptable, computer-controlled systems.

Beyond the golf course, electric golf carts are being increasingly used in communities as an alternative to conventional cars for short distances. They’re quieter, more energy-efficient, and, let’s face it, a lot more fun to drive! With more places becoming golf-cart friendly, their popularity in everyday transportation is set to increase.

In conclusion, while there will always be a place for gas-powered golf carts, especially in situations requiring extended range or power, the future of golf carts looks overwhelmingly electric. They’re environmentally friendly, easy to use and maintain, and adaptable for future tech innovations. So, whether you’re a golfer or not, get ready for an electric ride!

Making the Switch: How to Choose the Right Electric Golf Cart for You

Firstly, think about how you’ll be using your golf cart. If it’s mostly for getting around a golf course, most electric models will do the trick. However, if you’re planning to use it in your community, consider street-legal models with features like headlights, seat belts, and horn. Also, consider the range you’ll need based on your typical use to ensure the battery life is sufficient for your needs.

Secondly, consider your budget. The cost of electric golf carts can vary widely, from a few thousand dollars for basic models to over ten thousand for high-end, luxury carts. Keep in mind that while electric golf carts may have a higher upfront cost compared to gas ones, they often have lower ongoing maintenance costs.

Next, look at the cart’s features and customization options. Do you want a basic model, or do you prefer a cart with luxury features like plush seats, built-in coolers, or digital displays? Some manufacturers offer a wide range of customizations, allowing you to add your personal touch to your golf cart.

Finally, don’t forget to test drive before you buy. Just like buying a regular car, you’ll want to see how the golf cart drives and feels. Check the comfort of the seats, the smoothness of the ride, and the ease of handling. After all, you’ll want to enjoy your rides, whether on the golf course or around the neighborhood.

Remember, buying an electric golf cart is a significant investment, so take your time to find the right one for you.

Five Electric Golf Cart Models to Consider

Let’s zoom in on some of the top models that have been turning heads in the electric golf cart world.

  1. Club Car Onward: Known for its customizable features and smooth ride, the Onward series by Club Car is a top pick. It boasts a powerful electric drivetrain, a stylish look, and tons of options for add-ons, from premium seats to upgraded entertainment systems.
  2. EZGO RXV: This model by EZGO is known for its reliability and safety features. Its patented AC drive and full-time regenerative braking system make the RXV a model of efficiency and power.
  3. Yamaha Drive2 – PTV: Yamaha’s Drive2 – PTV stands out for its impressive energy efficiency and Yamaha’s renowned durability. It features an industry-first automotive style dash for convenient storage and an even quieter ride.
  4. Star EV Sirius: With a modern look and a top speed of 19.5 mph, the Star EV Sirius is a fun and fast electric golf cart. It also comes with a fully digital display that offers info on the cart’s speed, battery status, odometer, and more.
  5. Garia Golf Car: If you’re looking for a luxury option, the Garia Golf Car is the way to go. This model offers a built-in fridge, a digital scorecard, and a street-legal package. It’s like having a personal golf assistant with you at all times!

Remember, the best electric golf cart for you depends on your individual needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for customizability, speed, luxury, or just a reliable ride for the course, there’s an electric golf cart out there for you.

Final Thoughts: Are Electric Golf Carts the Future?

Looking at the trends, it’s clear that electric golf carts are gaining momentum and their future looks brighter than ever. With the continuous advancements in battery technology and the increasing focus on sustainability, more and more golf courses and communities are making the switch to electric. These carts not only offer a quiet and smooth ride but also contribute to reducing our carbon footprint, making them a win-win solution for transportation needs on and off the course.

So, are electric golf carts the future? All signs point to yes. As they become more efficient, affordable, and feature-packed, they are set to dominate the market. Whether you’re an avid golfer or simply someone seeking a convenient, eco-friendly way to get around, electric golf carts hold immense potential to redefine short-distance travel. So, if you’ve been on the fence about going electric, it might be the perfect time to jump in and enjoy the ride!

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