Changing Golf Cart Tires

Changing golf cart tires is similar to changing tires on a regular vehicle.

The biggest difference is the type of jack that you will need to raise the golf cart. Not all jacks will work because the golf carts are so low to the ground. A small floor jack is needed because so it can fit underneath the golf cart. And since golf carts are lighter, smaller floor jacks are able to withstand the weight.

Tools Needed for Changing Golf Cart Tires:

  • Floor Jack – make sure that it is able to fit underneath the golf cart
  • Bricks, wood, or other material that can be used to wedge underneath other tires to prevent rolling
  • Socket wrench, racket, or other tire tool that will be used to remove the lug nuts
  • Replacement tire or fixed tire

Steps for changing golf cart tires:

    1. Make sure that the golf cart is on level ground before changing the tire
    2. Turn off the engine and put the parking brake on
    3. Wedge material against the other tires (not the one that is being changed) to prevent the golf cart from rolling
    4. Using the tire tool, loosen the lug nuts of the tire being changed in a counter-clockwise direction. Do not remove the lug nuts – simply loosen them.
    5. Place the floor jack underneath the golf cart frame, near the tire being changed
    6. Using the floor jack, raise the golf cart so that the tire is slightly above the ground
    7. Remove the lug nuts and the tire completely
    8. Place the replacement tire on the wheel hub so that the tread appears to go toward the front, thus allowing the grass, dirt, and mud to be diverted away from the tire when in use.

NOTE: If you will not be replacing your tire right away, lower the golf cart using the floor jack so that the golf cart is level until you return.

  1. With the replacement tire on the wheel hub, loosely tighten the lug nuts until the tire stays on the wheel hub
  2. Using the floor jack, gently lower the golf cart so that some pressure is put onto the new tire (in order to keep it from spinning)
  3. Tighten the lug nuts until they are completely secure
  4. Using the floor jack, completely lower the golf cart until the weight rests on the tires – not the floor jack
  5. Remove the floor jack from underneath the golf cart
  6. Remove the blockades from the other tires


  • Do not put your legs, arms, or other body parts underneath the golf cart, even when raised with the floor jack
  • Do not allow other people or children to be seated in the golf cart while you are changing the tire
  • Do not allow other people or children to play around the golf cart while you are changing the tire

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