Club Car Golf Carts

club car golf cars

Club Car golf carts is one of the originals. For 50 years these carts have been in the game.

These carts can be purchased at one of over 600 locations spread out throughout the world. When you buy from Club Car, you’ll have over 60 models to choose from.

This company has a wide range of utility vehicles, specialized industrial vehicles, and all-terrain vehicles, but their residential golf carts still have that classic golf cart look and feel.

Precedent i2 is the original Club Car line and has consequently been a major influence for competitors ever since it was produced.

If you are looking for a consistent look and feel, Club Car has definitely got it. But you can also count on yearly improvements such as increased energy efficiency and longer break pad life as they stick with the times.

Whether you’re looking for something to use on your property, your business, or even the streets, Club Car has something for you.

Club Car Golf Carts Models

The 4×4 models have four wheel drive and heavy duty tires. They are all built from heavy duty, yet light weight materials and all have the ability to handle rough terrains with ease.

You’ll find both two and four seat models with a cargo carrying area in the back of the cart.

4×2 models can also be found with heavy duty features at a discounted price. These models are great for people that are not constantly going over rough terrain, but want the ability to do so when needed.

The street legal LSV’s all have wind shields and pass the standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They are two seaters that offer you the chance to add a cargo area at the rear.

These vehicles are perfect for those driving around little neighborhoods or visiting local grocery stores.

Standard golf carts come in five different models with distinct looks. You’ll be able to choose between both two seat models and four seat models.

For more information you can always visit the Club Car company website.

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