Custom Golf Carts

The only thing better than owning a golf cart is owning a custom golf cart, and the possibilities are limited only to your imagination, and maybe your wallet. You could go as small as slapping on a decal and hooking up a golf cart radio, or as large as an engine up-grade and adding a golf cart lift kit.

You can find golf cart parts and accessories for practically anything. Whether it be floor mats, heaters, seat covers, or golf cart windshields, there are more accessory options than you could ever want or need to make your golf car truly unique.

Beyond basic accessories, however, you might require a much larger over-haul to fit your hobby, personality, or lifestyle. Some examples may include:

Depending on the type of customization, many times the manufacturer can add the upgrades you desire. For instance, E-Z-Go Golf Carts can add such things as tow hitches and snow plows to your custom golf cart.

But if you really want to take it to the next level you’re going to have to go to a company likeBad Ass Golf Carts that specializes in customizing golf carts. Based out of Las Vegas, NV, they’ve probably done every type of customization or modification you could think of. Such things as extra horse-power, golf cart lift kits, golf cart rims, custom paint, DVD players and game consoles are standard requests there.

Some golf car owners have purchased used golf carts instead of new golf carts because they tend to be cheaper. By purchasing a used golf car you can save money and use that extra cash toward customization.

If you’re mechanically inclined or don’t want to pay someone else to customize your golf cart, you can purchase anything you might need on the aftermarket and do it yourself. Just be sure you’re prepared for the work ahead of you.

custom golf carts
Here is a fun example of a custom golf cart.

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