Golf Cart Auction

Finding a good golf cart auction is one way to find a deal on a used golf cart. Golf cart auctions can take place online or in person.

Certain online auctions feature strictly golf carts or buggies. Other online auctions specialize in machinery, tools, and other heavy supplies while also auctioning off used golf carts. The rules and product selection differ from one online auction to the next.

Below is some basic golf cart auction information to be aware of:


Some golf cart auctions are for US sales and purchases only. While others work on an international level. Understand the exchange rate for whichever type of currency the auction is operating so you’ll know exactly what you are paying.

Sometimes the seller will only accept one type of currency, so if you are the winning bidder, then knowing how to exchange your currency to suit the seller (usually a bank can convert currencies for you) will make for a much smoother transaction.

Currency exchange rates are always changing, so check the current rates if you bid often.


Learn how to make a payment before placing a bid. In the instance that you win a bid, you should know exactly how to proceed with fulfilling your end of the bargain.

Some auction sites require that you pay them directly, as they may be acting as an agent for the seller. Others require that you pay the seller directly.

Despite the advent of online auctions, not all golf cart auctions are equipped to accept online payments (through PayPal and other online checkouts). Some auctions may require a wired bank transfer or US money order. So be prepared by learning the standard payment method before bidding.

Aside from payment method, auctions will require payment in a timely fashion. Do you have three business days or a week to make the payment? Find out from the auction site itself or from the seller if you can contact them directly.

Location and Shipping

Where is the golf cart or buggy that you are purchasing located? If the golf cart is located out-of-state or even in a another country, then it is important to understand that the buyer may be responsible for shipping and freight charges.

Know this upfront because these are additional costs to consider in addition to what the winning bid may be. If you are relatively local, then contact the auction site or owner to see if you can arrange to pick up the buggy yourself.

Time Zone

If you are thinking about placing a bid at an online auction, read the FAQ’s or Terms and Conditions to see what time zone the auction is operating.

Don’t assume that each auction is operating within your local time zone — check to make sure you understand the time differences. If you are like most auction buyers, you wait until the last minute to slip in a higher bid, so knowing the time difference is crucial to winning the bid.

To Bid is to Enter a Binding Contract

For all auction sites a buyer enters a binding contract when he places a bid on an item. Which means the buyer is now held accountable for his bid should he win the auction.

Carefully consider all the pertinent information regarding the auction Terms and Conditions before jumping into the bidding pool, otherwise, you may find surprises that could be costly in the long run.

Warranties & Guarantees

Most auctions sell their items “as-is.” Read the golf cart auction descriptions carefully and if you have any questions, call the auction site or contact the seller to have your questions answered before placing the bid.

Once it is sold, the sellers usually wash their hands of the golf cart, so now the cart and their possibly expensive problems are now yours. So keep the surprises to a minimum and do your due diligence before bidding.

Golf cart auctions are a great way to find some good deals on golf carts. Despite the cautionary warnings above, there are tons of reputable golf cart auctions that sell strictly used country club golf carts that are usually in tip-top shape.

A simple Google search will pull up many different auction sites. But it’s always good practice to understand what you’re getting into before forking over hundreds or thousands of dollars.

And of course you can always check out Ebay for any current golf cart auction listings. They consistently have a large number of used golf carts and golf cart parts available for sale.

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