Golf Cart Battery Disposal

When you are ready to throw away your old golf cart batteries do not toss them into the trash with the rest of your garbage and recyclables.

Golf cart batteries contain lead and acid, whose properties are hazardous when not properly disposed of.

Lead is a known toxic chemical that is harmful to people. Lead poison can lead to reduced cognitive abilities, nausea, irritability, abdominal pain, insomnia, and a whole host of health issues.

It is best not to leave your old batteries lying around, but instead dropping them off at a proper recycling facility. This way there is less of a chance of leakage or contamination to your property.

Not only is lead within the batteries toxic if left to rot, the acid in the batteries contain hazardous corrosive powers that contaminate and poison soil and water if improperly disposed. The lead acid can also cause severe burns to skin and clothing if there is leakage. A solution of water and baking soda will work to neutralize some leakage, but it is best to recycle the battery as soon as possible.

Recycling your used golf cart batteries goes a long way:

  • Lead acid battery recycling is an indefinite process, meaning that the materials can be recycled over and over again.
  • A typical new lead acid battery will contain 60 – 80% of recycled lead and plastic materials.
  • 97% of Lead in old batteries is recycled into other battery parts and lead plates.
  • Lead acid batteries have a 93% recycling rate, the highest rate of any product sold in the US – this is primarily because retailers are required to take in old batteries.

Most state laws require that any retailer that sells lead-acid batteries take in old lead acid batteries for recycling. Courtesy of the Battery Council International, here is a list of US State Lead-Acid Battery Recycling Laws where you can check what the law are for your specific state.

Not only is recycling your used golf cart batteries good for the environment, it is good for your health and the health of those around you!

Charlie Reynolds

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