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Golf cart covers and enclosures protect you from the wind, rain, and incoming golf balls. Some enclosures can double as a golf cart storage cover, but if you are storing your cart outside where it is exposed to the sun and other elements – then it is best to invest in a storage cover (without windows) that will drape your cart completely. This will minimize the damage to your golf cart caused by UV rays and other harsh weather conditions.

Golf cart enclosures and covers come in a few different colors, the most popular being a sand color. There are also camouflage golf cart enclosures if you are using your cart to go hunting, or just want to look cool.

Materials used for enclosures and covers range from lightweight to heavy duty, and vinyl to polyester — choose the most appropriate for your climate and how you intend to use your golf cart.

Here are the different types of golf cart covers and enclosures you can choose from:

3-Sided Golf Cart Enclosure

This type of golf car enclosure is made for carts that already have a windshield. The extra three sides offer more protection from the elements and in-coming golf balls.

4-Sided Golf Cart Enclosure

This type of golf car enclosure is made for carts that do not have a windshield. It secures all four sides from outside elements. Some 4-sided enclosures can be used with a golf cart that already has a windshield. So if you intend to use the cover for different types of golf carts, with or without windshields, then look for a cover that would work for both.

Universal Golf Cart Enclosure

Universal golf cart enclosures can be 4-sided or 3-sided — but not all enclosures are made the same. One main difference in the universal enclosure is the size, and whether they are made for carts carrying 2, 4, or greater than four passengers. Most will fit universally over each passenger type golf cart, unless otherwise stated.

There are different ways that universal enclosures attach to the golf cart. Some come with snaps that can be snapped onto the perimeter of the cart top. Others just fit over the top of the golf cart, so knowing the measurements of the top of your golf cart will help to ensure a good fit.

If you get the kind that just fits over the top, then no permanent attaching hardware is needed — this makes it a cinch to attach and detach from your cart. Some manufacturers even include a carrying case to store your golf cart cover when not in use.

Golf Cart Bug Screen Enclosure

Golf cart bug screen enclosures usually have windows made of mesh material. This type of material allows passengers to be able to see outside and keep the bugs from flying inside. Aside from protecting against roaming insects, the mesh windows allow air circulation and provide some shade.

Golf Cart Enclosure Doors

Some enclosure doors can be zippered open and closed pretty easily. There are also enclosures on the market that have hinged doors, making it even easier to exit and enter the cart. Doors are kept open using Velcro or clips (and sometimes both), so it depends on your personal preference.

Golf Cart Storage Covers

Golf Cart storage covers are great if your cart will be sitting for long periods of time. Constant exposure to sunlight and adverse weather can age your cart prematurely, so covering the cart when not in use is good practice for helping to alleviate unnecessary wear on your cart. Your golf cart windshield is especially prone to damage from UV rays, and prolonged exposure can cause it to haze and fog which can cause permanent damage.

There are universal storage covers that act like a water resistant and weather resistant storage bag that goes over your cart — some even have elastic banding around the bottom to keep the cart snug. Despite being declared “universal,” some golf cart covers accommodate carts with only a certain number of seats, 2-passenger, 4-passengers, and so on.

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