Golf Cart Fans

If you like keeping cool on a hot sunny day then you may want to invest in a golf cart fan. Golf cart fans are appropriate if you’ll be driving around in the heat for extended periods of time.

They are relatively inexpensive as far as golf cart accessories go, and you’ll be happy that you have one on the days you need one most. Fans come in all shapes and sizes, and there are a few things you may want to consider before purchasing your own.

Breezeasy Blower Fan

This is the most popular brand of golf cart fan on the market. They pack a mean punch by moving up to 310 cubic feet per minute with a maximum amp draw of 9 amps/12-volts or 7 amps/24-volts.

There are three speed settings for the unit and it also has louvered (horizontal) angled slants, like the kind in automotive AC vents. In fact, these fans often get mistaken for an air conditioner.

They can be mounted on the roof of a cart or above or under the dash. If you would rather not mount, then a portable option is also available.

There are two types of these fans, one is made for 48V electric golf carts, and the other for 36V electric golf carts. The 12V unit is recommended for 36V electric golf carts, while the 24V unit is recommended for 48V electric golf carts. But with the proper hook-ups you can run either fan no matter what type of battery pack you’ve got. To better understand why this is the case you should first understand how to power your electrical golf cart accessories.

As far as golf cart fans go, this is a reliable unit that provides a nice strong breeze. While it’s on the more expensive end of the spectrum, at least you know it will get the job done.

 Overhead Fan

Overhead fans should be mounted to the roof of your cart, keeping it out of the way while being in an ideal location for keeping you and your passenger cool.

Overhead fans are not designed for all carts, make sure that the one you plan on purchasing is compatible with your golf cart before you buy.

 Portable Clip-on Fan(s)

Portable clip-on fans are handy if you are renting a golf cart on a hot day or just don’t want to install a permanent fan in your cart.

These fans attach to your dash or other sturdy surface. Some offer an oscillating feature to keep the air flowing throughout the cart. They work with both gas and electric golf carts.

There are also dual little clip on fans if it is just you and another passenger, eliminating the need for an oscillating feature. These, also, clip on with minimal hassle.

So if you’re tired of battling through the heat of the sun while playing and wiping the ever present sweat from your brow between holes, a small investment in a golf cart fan could be the lifesaver you need on those blistering hot days.

Before you install a golf cart fan, or any other electrical golf cart accessory, you should firstunderstand how electrical golf cart accessories are powered. This is because there are different ways to power your battery operated accessories, and some ways are better than others.

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