Golf Cart Floor Covers

Adding golf cart floor covers or floor mats is an inexpensive way to reduce the wear and tear of your golf cart floor. It’s no fun having to clean off mud, dirt, and grass from the floor of your golf cart, so you may as well be proactive by letting the golf cart floor mats do the dirty work.

What kind should you get?

There are plenty of floor covers to choose from:

    • Carpet:

Carpeted golf cart floor covers are fairly durable, but they’re more for show than abuse. They will adequately cover your golf cart floor and protect it from dirt and grim, but this type of floor covering is more appropriate for cruising around town or casual rounds of golf.

Carpet floor covers are similar to the floor mats that you find in regular vehicles. They can be customized to fit the exact make and model of your cart, thereby giving it a really clean look.

    • Rubber Mat:

Nothing fancy about these floor mats; they get the job done. They can be used to cover up your pristine, monogrammed floor mats that you can’t stand the thought of getting dirty — or they can be used to cover up your jacked up floor. Either way, they’re sensible and able to withstand abuse.

    • Rubber “Diamond Plate” Floor mats:

These rubber mats have the same pattern as steel diamond plates. The raised steel diamond pattern allows them to retain good traction and endure the wear and tear of constant foot traffic.

    • Rubber Link Floor Mats:

These are heavy duty floor mats that will definitely pass any foot traffic test you can put them through, including regular beatings from your metal cleats. They are made of thick, nearly indestructible rubber and can be hosed down when needed.

    • Rubber / Vinyl Floor Mat – Pebbled or Ribbed:

These are regular mats that do what they are supposed to do. Lay there and get dirty. No frills, no bells, no whistles.

    • Turf Floor Mats:

These resemble the fake grass that you see all over Las Vegas. These golf cart floor covers are durable, yet fashionably tacky.

    • Personalized Golf Cart Mats:

Personalized golf cart floor covers are usually made of carpet and can be personalized with either your initials or some other type of wording.

These make a fun gift for your favorite golf cart enthusiast. They’re easy to handle and can be cleaned the same way you would clean your regular carpet. If you get these as a gift make sure you know the make and model of the golf cart because these mats are usually cut to specifications that enable a perfect fit.

Aside from the golf cart floor covers mentioned above, there is another type of floor mat that helps you keep the mess to a minimum.

Golf cart garage floor mats are large mats that serve as a parking spot for your golf cart when it’s not in use. These are extremely durable and will save your garage floor from any leaks, acid drips, or any other unsightly mess.

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