Golf Cart Horns

Golf cart horns are great for keeping drivers, passengers, and pedestrians safe. These horns are easy to install and don’t cost much so its an obvious purchase.

There are golf car horns for gas golf carts and electric golf carts. You can also buy universal golf buggie horns that work on both gas and electric cars.

You’ll also find that you can choose between small horns that are wired in or air powered horns. The air powered horns can be very loud and are more of a novelty item or street legal car item rather than an off road safety item. I would not recommend you use these types of horns for carts that will be on a golf course.

If you plan on installing an air powered horn, you will have to have an air tank. With a simple horn connected to a battery, you will not have to worry about this. Also, air horns will be two to three times more expensive.

Although there are some downsides to this kind of horn, they can be great for street legal models. These horns are loud and can get the attention of a person driving in a standard vehicle with windows up and radio on.

A typical horn will cost around twenty dollars for everything. This will include the horn button, the horn, and the wiring kits needs. In many cases, this will also include wire ties to help you connect the wires and keep them safe.

Tools you will need to install your horn.

The only two things you will really need to install a golf car horn are wire cutters and some electrical tape. You may also need some tools to attach the horn button to the cart. These tools will vary depending on how you do it.

Two other golf cart horns that may be useful for you are the golf cart bugle and the portable mega horn. A mega horn is just a battery powered device that makes a nice loud noise. It can be useful for street use. A golf cart bugle is basically a mini bugle with a rubber ball to squeeze to make it sound off. These are not very loud but could be useful for those trying to get the attention of somebody on the cart path.

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