Golf Cart Radios

Since it’s not a party without music, golf cart radios should be one of the first accessories you consider.

Installing a golf cart radio is a relatively inexpensive way to customize your golf cart. There are a lot of different options to consider when looking for a golf cart stereo. But whatever you choose, you can be confident that you will be adding style.

Golf cart stereos run off of golf cart batteries, so you should know the best way to hook yours up. If you are really going to be customizing your golf cart you may want to consider installing a converter or an auxiliary battery to use strictly forĀ powering your electrical golf cart accessories.

Here is what you’ll find as far as golf cart radios and accompanying accessories go:

Radios / Stereos / CD Players

Some radios are water resistant. They are just like the radio for your vehicle, most come with a CD Player and AM/FM radio. Others come with a remote for the radio, making it easier to adjust.

An AUX input connection will allow you to connect your iPods, MP3 players, and satellite radios to the stereo, giving you more options than simply AM/FM stations and CD’s. Some radios offer a removable face plate for added security.

Radio Antennas

Golf cart radio antennas are usually made with a rubber coating to protect it from the rain. Just like a car radio antenna, they work to pick up AM/FM frequencies.

Round Radio Speakers

Golf cart round radio speakers usually come with the radio, but you can also purchase them separately. They can be water resistant, but they don’t come in a wide variety of colors, usually just white or black.

Your golf cart speakers can range in size and sound quality. The sizes can range from 4″ to 10″, but make sure that your console is able to accommodate whatever size speakers you plan to install.

Box Radio Speakers

Golf cart box stereo speakers can be portable or attached/mounted to your golf cart.

Overhead Radio Consoles

There are overhead golf cart radio consoles that attach to the top of your golf cart. This keeps the console, radio, and speakers out of your way when driving.

They are made specific to the make and model of your cart, as well as to the type of golf cart top you have. They come in a variety of colors to match other custom interior parts that you may have.

Also, these consoles come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate your radio. For instance, you will need a deeper radio compartment if your radio has a CD player or a special sized compartment for your satellite radio.

Dash Covers

If you prefer your radio to be in your dash, much like a regular car, then consider getting a dash console with space for a radio.

Most dash covers come with useful features like cup holders, lockable compartments, and space for your radio. Like most golf cart accessories, not all golf cart dashes are created equal. Find one that fits your make and model, and make sure that it is golf cart stereo ready.

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