Golf Cart Salvage

With a lot of work and a little bit of luck, you may be able to find a great deal on a golf cart salvage. Great deals on golf cart parts, and occasionally a whole golf cart, can be had at certain salvage and junk yards.

These are places where dying or dead cars, boats, motorcycles, ATVs, and golf carts go to be stripped for parts or melted down for scrap metal.

Salvage yards can go under a lot of different names: auto recyclers, junk yards, auto wreckers, auto dismantling, or if they mostly strip down cars, then they may just claim auto parts.

Whether you’re dropping off your old clunker, or looking to pick up a deal, these would be the places to go.

So if you are searching for local yards online or in the Yellow Pages, try searching under their commonly related names as well.

There are few, if any, salvage yards that specialize in just golf carts. Many salvage yards try to specialize in one type of auto or make, such as: foreign cars, Dodge trucks, or Toyota parts.

So finding a local salvage yard that has golf carts, in addition to their main specialty, may require a little detective work, but should be worth the effort if you find what your looking for.

When looking for salvaged golf carts or salvaged golf cart parts, try to think in terms beyond just golf carts. Sometimes you can find used parts and accessories designed for other types of vehicles that you can use to customize your golf cart.

For instance, bucket seats from a salvaged ATV might be a nice find for your off-roading golf cart. Or a car stereo from a salvaged car could be more cost effective than buying it brand new. So broaden your search and get creative about customizing your golf cart.

It’s rare that you will find a salvage yard that shows all their goods online, most don’t have the time or the need since they likely have a steady parade of local customers who come in regularly.

So even if they don’t have a website or their inventory online, all of them (should) have a phone number where you can inquire about any golf carts that may have been picked up, or if they ever come across any salvaged golf carts.

If you can make a habit of visiting your local salvage yard often enough, there is probably a wealth of junk that can be found and it wouldn’t hurt to get to know your local salvage dealers anyway, so when they do come across that salvaged Harley Davidson golf cart, they can contact you directly!

Junk yards want to get rid of their inventory, so letting your local junk yard dealers in on what you want from a golf cart salvage is not a bad start.

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