Golf cart security is important as long as there are thieves willing to jack your cart. And it’s really not that difficult for a thief to steal your golf cart and get away with it either, especially if you live in a golf cart community.

Think about it, there’s no breaking in involved, a quick hot wire will get it started, and next thing you know your cart is on eBay about to be sold to the highest bidder. Unless your cart really stands out in a crowd it is unlikely that any witnesses will be able to pick it out of a line-up.

If it’s not registered as a motor vehicle and there’s no VIN to identify your cart with then your golf cart could be sold and no one would ever question the legitimacy of the sale.

The easiest thing you can do for peace of mind is to get full coverage¬†golf cart insurance. It’s not that expensive and you’ll be happy you have it if your cart ever turns up missing.

As useful as golf cart insurance is, there are other ways to be proactive when it comes to your golf cart security. If you’ve spent years customizing your one of a kind golf cart you won’t be able to recoup your blood, sweat, and tears with a check from the insurance company. So it’s best to consider your options when it comes to protecting your golf cart.

“The Club” Pedal to Wheel Lock

From the makers of “The Club,” this is a highly visible deterrent that locks the pedal to the steering wheel, making it nearly impossible to steer or drive.

Keyless Remote Starters

Installing a keyless remote starter combats cart theft by replacing the traditional “hot-wire prone” ignition with a remote starter, thereby making impossible to start without the keys.

Kill Switches

By making sure your kill switch is on whenever your cart is unattended means the cart won’t even start even if they try to hot-wire it. You can take it a step farther by installing the kill switch in a hidden location.

Lock and Chain

Thieves can be technical too though, which means they can by-pass many security systems with enough ingenuity. A good old fashion chain might be enough to detour any potential thieves. If you have a long enough chain you can run it through all four wheels which would not only detour the thief from stealing your cart, but also from stealing your wheels if you’ve got custom rims.

Nothing you do is full proof. If a thief wants your golf cart bad enough he can probably find a way to get it. For instance, even if they can’t start your cart, they can still pick it up and put it on a trailer.

But that isn’t so say any of the above aren’t great deterrents. If anything, having any sort of golf cart security would incline the thief to find an easier target. Making it difficult on potential thieves is effective because most people make it way too easy.