Golf cart steering wheels range from mild to wild. There are so many styles to choose from — anywhere from replicas of old school muscle cars to Formula One race cars.

Whether your old steering wheel has gone haywire, or you just feel like changing it up a bit, there may come a day when you need to install a new steering wheel. Whatever the reason, there are a few things to consider.

Golf Cart Steering Wheels

Different steering wheels are made from different materials, some work to give you better grip while others are designed to be aesthetically pleasing.

If you are using your golf cart for hunting, off-roading, or riding in the sand dunes where maintaining steering control is of utmost importance (not that it isn’t any other time), then a steering wheel that provides a good grip makes a lot more sense than, say, a smooth mahogany wheel that may hinder your control if wet or otherwise effected.

Aside from the material of the wheel, the diameter is another factor to consider. The diameter can range anywhere from 11.5″ up to 14.5″.

A wider diameter might give you more control if traversing through the rain or any other unfavorable conditions. Measure your current steering wheel, in your golf cart and in your regular vehicle, to give you an idea of what diameter is most comfortable for you.

There is range of different aftermarket steering wheels and they are not all made the same. Some are made for specific makes and models, such as Club Car or Yamaha.

Others are standard, meaning that an adapter for the specific make of the cart must be purchased along with the steering wheel. When you purchase from a given manufacturer be sure to purchase the adapter from them as well — as the adapters are not universal for all manufacturers.

If you are adding on an adapter, then you will be adding a little to the height of your steering wheel column, giving you less belly room. If having more room in front of the wheel will make you more comfortable, then you may want to consider getting a tilt steering wheel.

Aside from the adapter, there is also the collar component of the custom steering wheel. Some aftermarket steering wheels will come with the collar already installed, if not, then you’ve got to purchase a collar as well. A collar made for aftermarket steering wheels plus the adapter will give you all the parts you need for your custom golf cart steering wheel.

Golf Cart Steering Column Covers

Steering column covers are an inexpensive way to dress up the stock black plastic columns. Covers usually come in stainless steel and will add an air of quality to your new custom steering wheel.

Golf Cart Steering Wheel Covers

Adding a steering wheel cover to your golf cart steering wheel is another way to spruce up your cart. As with golf cart steering wheels, the covers come in a variety of styles and materials.

You can find ones to match your steering wheel and even your dash. For instance, a camouflage cover can really add to your hunting golf cart. So whatever look you may be aiming for there are bound to be plenty of styles to choose from.

Tilt Steering Wheel Columns

Tilt steering wheels are necessary if you think you’d ever need to adjust your steering wheel, just like in a regular car.

If you are very tall or you share your cart with others, then a tilt steering wheel might come in handy. Simply adjust the steering column and wheel to different angles to make it more comfortable for whomever is driving.

Others are more advanced and have wiring so that you can self-cancel your turn signals. This type of tilt steering wheel column would be useful if you are transforming your ride into a street legal golf cart.