Golf cart tops and roofs keep you and your passengers from getting rained on in the winter, and from burning in the summer.

There are multiple golf cart accessories that you can add to your roof to make your drive more comfortable, such as a golf cart roof rack, a golf cart fan, a storage compartment, a golf cart radio, and even a gun rack.

In addition to being able to add more golf cart accessories to your ride, golf cart roofs make it possible to secure a golf cart enclosure while you’re driving, and a golf cart cover while your cart is in storage. A top on your golf cart is good for your carts over-all protection and usability.

There are different types of Tops and Roofs available:

Golf Cart Tops

Golf cart roofs and tops are made of durable plastic and can be purchased in a variety of colors, though white and beige are the most popular colors you will find. Most tops come with hardware so you can install it all yourself.

Golf Cart Extended Tops

Golf cart extended tops are for carts that have a rear seat kit or that carry four passengers. Some aftermarket rear seat kits will not be initially compatible with the extended golf cart roofs available, so some adjustments might be necessary.

Speak to your vendor about what type of rear seats you have before purchasing an extended top to make sure that everything will fit.

Golf Cart Roof Racks

Golf cart roof racks are handy if you find yourself in need of some extra space for all your stuff. Keep your extra items out of the cart and let your roof rack do all the heavy lifting.

Roof racks are usually made out of stainless steel and come in black or silver, making them a nice clean asset to any custom golf cart.

Installing a roof rack is often a permanent addition to your cart, so be prepared to drill. Your roof rack should come with instructions and all the hardware needed.

Golf Cart Camouflage Roof Covers

For hunting golf carts, or if you just have an affinity for camouflage, there are camouflage golf cart roof covers. These covers camouflage your existing golf cart top, by attaching completely over it.

Most of these simply slip on and off making it easy to convert your existing roof into a camouflage one.

Golf Cart Top Locker

A company called Top Locker makes what is called a Top Locker, which is essentially a large container that acts as a rooftop for your golf cart.

The container sits on your golf cart roof and provides you with ample storage for all of your supplies. The container can also be locked, adding extra security to the storage of your goods.

Solar Panel Golf Cart Tops

Solar panels on top of your golf cart work by using the sunlight to charge your batteries as you drive you cart. Solar panels can be either attached to your existing top, or you can purchase a top that has solar panels already built in.

They are said to extend the run time of your batteries by continuously charging them while they are being used. But it is debatable whether or not the extra run time is worth the extra cost.

A Short Note about Purchasing Golf Cart Roofs and Tops

    • If you have a customized golf cart and think that your custom work may interfere in any way, speak with the vendor from whom you are purchasing the top to ensure that it will work with your cart.

Some additional modifications or parts may be needed, but it’s best to know upfront rather than paying for shipping and figuring it all out later.

  • Some golf cart tops do not come with supports, they may have to be purchased separately. Check with the vendor to make sure.