Custom golf cart wheels and tires are designed for those who have lifted golf carts, or those who just want a customized look. A lifted golf cart gives you extra space around your wheel and underneath your golf cart body so you can add bigger tires. Bigger tires give your golf cart a unique look and assist in the handling and overall performance of your cart.

An important aspect of choosing a tire is getting the right wheel to go with the tire. Not all wheels are created equally.

Golf cart wheels, also called golf cart rims, come in typical rim diameters of 8″, 10″, and 12″, but the size of your tire can vary depending on how much space you have – regardless of whether you have a lifted golf cart or not.

Wheels come in a variety of different colors and styles, and range in price from low $20’s – $100+/each.

Golf cart wheels are usually made from aluminum, stainless steel, or chrome, with aluminum alloy being the most popular.

When purchasing a wheel, make sure to note whether the caps and lug nuts are included with the rim, or if they need to be purchased separately.

If you don’t want to mount your tires to the wheels yourself, some places will mount them for you, and often times for free if you are purchasing both the wheels and the tires from the same place.

Negative Off-Set Vs Centered Wheels

Bigger and wider tires (think off road tires) use negative off-set wheels, while street type tires use centered wheels.

The position of the mounting flange determines whether the wheel is a negative offset or a center mount wheel. The mounting flage is the inner part of the wheel where the holes for the lug nuts are located.

Center mount wheels means that the mounting flange is located right in the middle of the wheel so there is about an equal distance to either side of the wheel from where you bolt the wheel to the cart. Most golf carts are originally manufactured with center mounted wheels.

Negative off set wheels means that the mounting flange of the wheel is closer to the body of the golf cart, usually by an inch or two. When the mounting flage is closer to the body of the cart, it essentially lets the rest of the wheel hang further out, meaning that the tire will be further away from the golf cart body.

With custom and lifted golf carts, this helps to prevent the tires from rubbing against the fender walls or suspension and steering mechanisms of the cart. Negative off set wheels are best for off-roading or golf carts with lift kits — carts that generally use bigger or wider tires.

One piece, Two piece, or Three piece wheels.

    • One piece wheels are the most cost effective, and also happen to be the most popular.
    • Two piece wheels consist of an inner and an outer section that become bolted or welded together. This type of golf cart wheel is used to adjust the negative off set of the tire depending its size.

Having a two piece wheel set gives you more freedom in choosing a specialized tire for your golf cart. Two piece wheels are also suitable if you need to accurately determine the appropriate negative offset so that your tires do not rub against your fender or other inner workings of the cart.

  • Three piece wheels contain a center section and two rim flange sections that would go on either side of the center section. The outer sections and how they are bolted to the center section will determine the offset, width, and rim diameter. The advantage for having three piece wheels is that it can be bolted to meet the specifications of most any tire. This is especially useful for very large tires that have few wheels manufactured for them.