Golf cart windshield accessories are made to protect your windshield and make your investment last longer. Nothing is worse that having a windshield that is damaged with UV haze — what’s the point of a windshield when you can’t see through it? Keeping your windshield clean and protected will make your ride that much safer.

Aside from keeping things clean, windshield accessories assist in making your windshield work harder for you. Adding certain windshield accessories can assist you when driving through adverse weather. If you live in a climate where unfavorable weather is common, then you may consider getting a golf cart enclosure that will cover your cart, but still allow you to drive it — most have see through plastic “windows.”

When not driving your golf cart, how you store your cart will also affect the livelihood of your windshield. If you store your golf cart outdoors where it is exposed to the sun and adverse weather, then you may consider getting a storage enclosure designed to cover your cart completely.

Here is a list of some golf cart windshield accessories you may wish to consider:

    • Golf Cart Windshield Polish:

Windshield polish should be part of your golf cart windshield accessories since it is used to remove minor scratches from your acrylic or plexiglass windshield. It also works to eliminate any haze or fog that may have accumulated on your windshield. Some polishes even work to remove blemishes on fiberglass body panels. Different manufacturers have different formulas for their polish, so read the directions to ensure proper care of your windshield.

    • Windshield Protectant:

Windshield protectant (sometimes found in combination with windshield polishes) can work to repel debris from your windshield and protect it from scratches and fog better than if there was no protectant at all. Again, different manufacturers have their own windshield protectant formula, so read their directions for proper care.

    • Wind Blocking Accessories:

There are two types of golf car windshield accessories that are used for blocking additional wind.

Sealers are created to block the wind from seeping into your cart from the gap underneath the windshield. These are typically made from soft flexible material that can be tucked into the gap. Think of a rolled up towel used to block the draft coming from underneath a door.

Blockers are golf cart windshield accessories that are created to stop the wind from seeping into your cart from the gap above the windshield. These are usually made out of thick acrylic and can come either tinted or clear to match your golf cart windshield. These are usually model specific, so make sure that you get one that fits your golf cart. Different manufacturers make this golf cart accessory – so shop around for your specific make and model of your cart.

Both work great, especially if you have a full weather enclosure and a golf cart heater — the cold air will never get it!

    • Fold Down/Split/Hinged Windshield Clips:

These clips are used to secure these types of windshields in the “up” position. They are specific to the thickness of the windshield frame and are sometimes make and model specific.

    • Windshield Wipers:

Golf cart windshields do not usually come with windshield wipers. Wipers can be purchased along with a motor to install on your cart, either clip on or bolted. They are usually installed at the top of your windshield so the motor does not interfere with your dashboard. The wiper blades come in different sizes, so check to see what length fits best.

If a motorized windshield wiper is too pricey, but you would still like the benefits of a windshield wiper — then a hand operated wiper might be the solution. This kind of windshield wiper also sneaks over the top of your windshield so that you can wipe the windshield yourself.

Most street legal golf carts are required to have windshield wipers, in which case, a motorized windshield wiper is likely required in the state you live in. Check the local street laws in your jurisdiction to make sure.

    • Clip on Windshield Channel:

This is more like a repair device. If the channel for your golf cart windshield breaks (usually due to prolonged exposure to UV rays), then this accessory can replace that piece. Most of these clip on windshield channels come in longer pieces than you will need so that you can cut them to the desired length.

Aside from windshield accessories, there are a ton of other golf cart accessories that will help personalize your golf cart and make each ride more comfortable.