Off road golf carts are efficient in travelling into the worst trail conditions where mud, stones, and many more obstacles may come across your way while traveling.

These vehicles are designed with large types of wheels. Their huge tire tracks are specifically made for getting the wheel out of mud and obstacles in the worst trail conditions. These golf carts also use long and flexible suspensions that make the vehicle travel smoothly and with ease.

In buying, one should consider the tires. Tire sizes should vary as to how much load would be carried by the cart. The heavier the load to carry, the bigger the tires you need. Next is the tires tread pattern. This is an advantage when travelling in muddy or swampy areas.

Another thing to consider is the lift kits. Lift kits offer lifting capabilities that help your cart avoid being stuck when high objects or boulders are present. Next to consider are the mud flaps and extended wheel wells. As off road is associated with mud and dirt, these parts must be present to reduce the chances of getting dirty while traveling.

Yet another item that should be present is a cargo rack. This enables the off roader to carry things without dropping them out of the cart during travel. The cargo rack should have straps or places to tie ropes to so that you can safely secure your gear.

Next, is the skid guard. Skid guards should be installed in it to avoid damaging of the engine parts and parts below your cart.

Custom bumpers should also be installed in your cart to prevent damage to the cart during accidental bumps while traveling. It should also be equipped with spot lights and flood lights to illuminate the road during night time excursions. Another item to consider is a winch. This is widely used during rescue or self-rescue if your tires become stuck.

Lastly, a high torque electric motor should be put into consideration as this machine will not be travelling on regular roads but roads with big boulders and rough terrain.

You can buy all sorts of kits to turn your traditional golf carts into off road golf carts or you can simply buy a pre-made one.