Other Golf Cart Manufacturers

In addition to the main three, there are a host of other golf cart manufacturers that have, or have once had, their own version of golf carts. The following is a list of some additional manufactures to consider when choosing a golf cart, or similar utility vehicle, for yourself.

Current Golf Cart Manufacturers

Columbia ParCar

par car golf cart Photo Courtesy of Columbia ParCar Columbia ParCar golf carts have been around for a long time and are built to last. They’ve also got NEV’s that are “road ready” and a large line of industrial and commercial vehicles including trams, shuttles, and tow vehicles.

Cruise Car

cruise car Photo Courtesy of Cruise Car Cruise Car golf carts are relatively new to the scene with their own line of golf cart, shuttle, and utility vehicles. They specialize in roof-mounted solar panels that keep the batteries charged and running longer.


cushman golf cart Photo Courtesy of Cushman Cushman has a few models of golf carts and personal carriers, such as the Bell Hop, but their specialty is utility vehicles that tow, haul, and tug.


kawasaki golf cart Photo Courtesy of Kawasaki Kawasaki specializes in motorcycles, but has a presence in jet-ski’s, atv’s, and utility vehicles. While there isn’t a Kawasaki golf cart with the traditional golf cart look and feel, they do have a line of Recreational Utility Vehicles that are fun, cool, and useful.


melex Photo Courtesy of Melex Melex golf carts are out of Poland and have been around since the early 70’s. They’ve since broadened their line to cargo and other specialty vehicles, but you can still find some pretty cool retro carts from them too.

Taylor Dunn

taylor dunn Photo Courtesy of Taylor Dunn Taylor Dunn does not have a line of golf carts, but they do have a wide variety of industrial and commercial vehicles such as trams, trailers, tow tractors, and burden carriers. Their line of personal carriers may have what you need if you just want to move some stuff, or some people, around.

Past Golf Cart Manufacturers

Harley Davidson golf carts began in 1963 with their line of 3 wheel golf carts. They continued to broaden their line until they were acquired by Columbia ParCar in 1982, where their production was quickly ended.

    • Hyundai

Hyundai golf carts were around for a couple of years in the early 90’s, but were quickly discontinued. Replacement parts are somewhat difficult to come by, but if you are handy you may be able to integrate parts from other manufacturers.

    • Westinghouse

Westinghouse, sometimes known as Marketeer, has some cool retro golf carts, but they’ve also got a confusing history. Westinghouse purchased Marketeer in the mid-60’s, were later sold to Nordskog in the late-70’s, then sold to Electicar in the early-90’s, then acquired by Legend in the mid-90’s, finally to be purchased by Columbia ParCar in the late-90’s.

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