Street legal golf carts are becoming more and more popular. Golf cars are more economical and more environmentally friendly than traditional vehicles, so it makes sense that people would want to use them instead of their cars, trucks, and suvs. In fact, many people move to golf cart communities just to be able to take advantage of using a golf cart for day to day travels.

The great thing about golf carts are that they do not require nearly as much maintenance as a traditional vehicle. Of course, the drawback is that they do not have nearly as much safety or luxury features. For this reason, most golf carts cannot be legally driven on public roads and highways. Things like seat belts, air bags, and crush proof windows and doors are not standard features in a golf car.

In order to make a golf cart street legal, you will need to increase the speed of the cart and add safety features. The term “click it or ticket” applies to golf carts as well. The speed of the cart will need to be a minimum of 25 miles per hour, and even then you won’t be able to drive on all roads.

Typically a street legal golf car will enable you to drive on roads with maximum speed limits of 35 miles per hour. This is for both your safety and the safety of the drivers around you. Can you imagine getting stuck behind a golf cart on a big interstate highway?

Just keep in mind that in addition to keeping up with federal regulations, you’ll also need to be aware of your particular state’s regulation. Here is a link to golf cart rules in Texas which should give you a good example of some of the different things states might do to control the street use of golf carts.

Accessories For Street Legal Golf Carts

If you’ve decided to purchase a street legal cart, you’ll want to make sure you add some amenities. Some things to look for are golf cart radios, golf cart gps systems, and golf cart alarm systems.

If you live in a colder climate, you may also want to look at golf cart heaters. This will of course only apply to those that have fully enclosed carts. Air conditioners are also available for golf cart owners living in hot climates.

Some easy and inexpensive ways to upgrade your golf cart are to add clip on battery powered fans, bring a portable radio, and borrow your car’s portable gps system. These can also be done on non street legal golf carts. Just make sure you turn the radio off when you actually hit the golf course. Most golf courses will not appreciate the use of a radio on their course.