Yamaha Golf Carts

Yamaha golf carts are just a small piece of the Yamaha lineup. This company makes everything from musical instruments, to motorcycles, to watercraft. Nevertheless, they do make good golf carts that people want to buy.

However, even with such stiff competition they have been able to make quite a name for themselves in the industry.

When shopping for golf carts, a solid brand to consider is Yamaha. They’ve been on and and off the golf course since 1979, and every year their line broadens with innovation.

When designing the 2007 Yamaha YDR (The DRIVEĀ®) Golf Car, the question they started with was, “Why shouldn’t a golf car be fun to drive?” And the answer is, “It should!”

For example, this particular model includes an ATV inspired clutch that provides better response and greater hill climbing ability. Translation: an innovative way to “tear it up.”

Innovation and fun, a winning golf cart combination.

This thought process probably spawned from the water sport or motorcycle division and is what makes this type of golf cart unique. Being unique and innovative is something that Yamaha really needs to be if they want to compete with E Z Go golf cars or Club Car.

These other two companies have been making golf carts for far longer and have much more experience in the field. They also have more name recognition in the golfing cart world. In addition to this, Americans sometimes prefer to buy American products, which puts Yamaha at a disadvantage.

Sure, there are other markets for golf carts, but the American market is certainly the biggest.

yamaha golf carts

Yamaha Golf Carts Models

Yamaha golf carts currently come in the form of fleet vehicles for golf courses, transportation vehicles for airports and malls, sport utility models for back country fun and refreshment models for selling drinks. This wide golf car lineup gives them the ability to tackle a multitude of niches and makes them very competitive. Business owners that enjoy driving these carts on the course may end up buying from the same company for their transportation vehicles.

For more information you can always visit theĀ Yamaha company website.

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