Golf Cart Heaters

Take the chill out of a frosty morning with a golf cart heater. There are only a few golf cart heaters on the market but you’re bound to find one that will get the job done. There are portable heaters and mounted heaters. When you are looking for your heater there are certain questions you may want to ask.

This will significantly increase the efficiency of the heater, meaning that you probably do not require an extremely high BTU output.

    • Will you use the heater regularly?

If you think that you will only use a heater a few times during winter, then a portable heater will work for your needs — and is cheaper than getting a mounted heater.

    • Will the heater be strictly used for your golf cart?

If you can find other uses for your heater, such as camping, ball games, fishing, hunting, etc…, then a portable heater may give you what you are looking for. You can transport it with you for multiple activities, letting you get more mileage out of your purchase.

Understanding BTUs

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and represents the value of output in heating and cooling systems. For golf cart heaters, a BTU output of 3000 is common.

To put it into perspective a BTU output of 3000 will raise the temperature anywhere from 10-25 degrees depending on the golf cart enclosure. The more secure and insulated your golf cart enclosure, then the more effective your heater will be.

Coleman Propane Golf Cart Heater

The Coleman Catalytic Heater, QuadCat 3000 BTU Propane is the most popular heater on the market and has a BTU output of 3000. The heater itself is flameless and ignites electrically with a simple switch of a button.

It is “whisper quiet” while working to keep you warm. These work up to eight hours on a single 16.4 oz. propane cylinder, not included with purchase.

They fit into most golf cart cup holders and work best with a golf cart enclosure.

The portability of these heaters makes it ideal for use with other activities. Coleman is a trusted name in camping and outdoor equipment, so many golf cart heater reviewers have applauded this heater living up to its name.

Mounted Electric Golf Cart Heater

Aside from portable heaters, you may opt for getting a mounted electric heater that attaches to your dash or steering column.

Mounted heaters are more expensive upfront than portable heaters, but it may pay for itself in the long run if you end up using it frequently.

There are two settings, high and low, with the highest setting being an output of 3000 BTUs. These heaters can be adjusted to face in any direction and contain an internal fan that helps to circulate the air.

Again, this heater works best with a golf cart enclosure.

Portable Electric Golf Cart Heater

If you would prefer not to have a mounted heater, there are portable electric heaters available to choose from. These lightweight heaters are highly compact and have a maximum BTU output of 1100.

Given the lower BTU output (compared to other golf cart heaters), you should seriously consider using a golf enclosure to make these heaters worth your while.

Note: Electric golf cart heaters are more environmentally friendly than their propane counterparts because they don’t emit any gas or carbon dioxide. They do cost more upfront than propane heaters, but if frequently used, they may end up paying for themselves.

Before you install an electric heater, or any other electrical golf cart accessory, you should first understand how electrical golf cart accessories are powered. This is because there are different ways to power your battery operated accessories, and some ways are better than others.

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