Golf cart wheel covers, or golf cart hub caps, give your golf cart a custom look without the hefty price tag of buying custom golf cart wheels.

Adding wheel covers is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to add personality to your cart without permanently damaging your wallet.

Just remember that there is a very fine line between adding personality and being tacky. Luckily, if you later decide that a certain set of golf cart hub caps aren’t for you they are easily removable and they probably didn’t set you back very much.

Wheel covers come in a variety of designs, materials, and colors — giving you a broad range of ways to customize your golf cart. They come in chrome, metal, plastic, and other materials. Colors can range from white to black, silver to gold, etc…

You can even purchase golf cart spinners if you so desire. These are similar to those you see on cars that give the illusion of the wheels spinning even after the car has stopped.

Or you can opt for wheel covers that replicate classic muscle cars and a host of other designs that give your custom golf cart a specific look and feel.

Certain companies have started putting college and professional sports team logos on their lines of wheel covers.

There is a patent pending logo wheel cover that is non-spinning, as in doesn’t spin at all, allowing you to clearly represent your team even while driving.

If you really want to individualize your cart there are some companies online that will even put your very own logo onto the wheel covers.

Wheel covers are designed to go over your golf cart wheel, so make sure that you purchase the proper size for the diameter of your wheel. Most wheel covers simply clip on making “installation” a snap. Golf cart wheel covers are sold either individually or in sets of four so make sure you know what you are buying before you make the purchase.